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Shoresh Nishmat

for clarinet, cello and piano

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Beautiful harmonies and wonderful combinations of timbre

Adam Berkowitz  ClarinetFest


Shoresh Nishmat was originally inspired by the rather esoteric concept of descending into the world of Kelippot (absence of light in Kabbalah). The musical building blocks are mainly Jewish melodies of a Hasidic origin. These are disguised in the course of the rather abstract first movement, but gradually come to light in a more rhythmical landscape, during the second movement.


Towards its second half, the piece becomes more and more tonal until reaching its climax in an almost overly romantic expression. It ends with a slow, meditative Chorale and Coda, suggesting a lyrical conclusion as a personal means of finding one's own "shoresh", one's truest, inner self.

Mátti Kovler




clarinet, cello and piano

May 8, 2008


Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, NYC

Tibi Cziger – clarinet,
Michal Korman – cello
Nimrod David Pfeffer – piano

The piece has been commissioned by the Legacy Heritage Fund through the America Israel Cultural Foundation

Awarded first prize at the Dorfman Composers Competition, International Summer Academy of Music, Germany

America Israel Cultural Foundation


...The next piece was Mátti Kovler’s Shoresh Nishmat... which he loosely translates as Soul Searching. For all the severity of the Andriessen, Kovler’s work proved to be an excellent contrast. The outer two movements were diaphanous with beautiful harmonies and wonderful combinations of timbre. The central section was a dance that moved along with grace and lightness.

Adam Berkowitz  ClarinetFest

Shoresh Nishmat | Michelstadt, Germany (2006)

Shoresh Nishmat

2:24 min, excerpt




Аманда Купер, ALC Management  


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