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Ami & Tami

a musical fable for children

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A buoyant, tuneful musical fable

Penny Schwartz  The Boston Globe


Ami & Tami is a fresh addition to the rare genre of symphonic fairy tales for children, most famously embodied by Prokofiev’s masterwork, Peter and the Wolf.


A modern twist on Hansel and Gretel, the musical fable tells the story of two siblings longing to rebel against their overbearing parents and escape into a world of fantasy. Guided by the talkative Imf in the course of one magical night, Ami and Tami undergo a journey through the Enchanted Forest. In their dream, Father is transformed into a not-terribly-scary Ogre, and Mother into Yaga the Witch, the entrepreneurial owner of a fancy restaurant. 


Filled with wordplay and humor, Ami & Tami features wide-ranging types of vocal delivery (from the cartoon-inspired to the operatic). The musical numbers are tied together by common melodic threads within a rich orchestral palette that transports the listener off into a musical dream-world— to ignite our most creative force, our imagination.


—Sonya Hamlin




Chamber Orchestra Version

5 actors/​children choir/2(2.pic).2(, xyl, vib, mar, crash cym, cym (pair), h.h, 2gongs, s.d, low dr, 6toms, b.d, 2tempbl)-hp.pno-str( 60’ 

March 8, 1999


Cummngs Hall, IASA, Jerusalem

Michael Wolpe - Conductor

Book by Aya Lavie

Lyrics by Aya Lavie and Mátti Kovler

Translated to English by Spencer Garfield


“Fresh and beautiful! Kovler has what cannot be taught: the urge to tell a story in music, and an innate dramatic sense” 

Osvaldo Golijov composer


“A rare breed: something both kids and adults would enjoy — truly conceived for the entire family. First class.”

Carol Hyatt  producer of children specials on CBS TV


“The best day of my life so far”

Maya Reuven 8 years old

“The singing was splendid and the piece is musically brilliant”

Yehudi Wyner composer

“Unforgettable. I love the Singing Lice!”

Dr. Ruth 

Ami & Tami, Overture

Orchestral recording, Jordan Hall

3:33, excerpt

Ami & Tami, Yaga's Waltz | Elie Wiesel Center (2014)

Sophie Delphis

3:36 min, p-no version

Ami & Tami, Yaga's Waltz | Outside The Box, Boston Commons

Ariadne Greif, soprano

3:43 min

Ami & Tami, Singing Lice | Oshman JCC, Palo Alto (2016)

Floating Tower

6:12 min, excerpt

Ami & Tami, Eikh Ze (Hebrew) | IASA Cummings Auditorium (1999)

Zvi Landsman, Dana Duvdevan

2:19 min, Hebrew




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